Focus Points 

All the latest hot topics will all be covered in a highly progressive agenda, tailored to identify how to thrive in an industry in a constant state of flux. With a full day of presentations - newMobility LiVE offers a comprehensive snapshot of a revolution in progress.


Fundamentally, future mobility would be nothing without the designs behind it. Transport has expanded and developed into a range of modes, from new mobility models and vehicles, which creates a new chapter in transport design. However, with ideas that are focused on future transportation, designs must accommodate for change and find the right balance between innovation and realisation.


New connected technology within the vehicle will soon revolutionise transportation, as future vehicles become outfitted with a range of cameras, lidar and radar sensors. Through these innovations, vehicles will operate more efficiently, safer and create a better experience for consumers. To achieve this, automakers, authorities and software specialists need to collaborate in order to obtain this vision.


Connected car technology is now forcing global automotive powerhouses to change their way of operating as innovative startups flood the scene with new mindsets that compliment urban mobility processes. However, with this new wave of technology, the industry must learn to protect these systems from potential cyber threats.

Electric Vehicles

With what may be the greatest shift in automotive industry's history, the development of electrified power trains and alternative fuels is starting to kill the conventional automaker, as companies push for more innovative solutions that work towards cleaner and more efficient mobility.


Innovations such as carsharing and ridesharing are transforming gridlocked cities into hyper-efficient settlements, appealing to younger generations who were not as interested in owning their own cars as those before them. This is a great alternative to existing transportation networks which were, and still are, dated and inefficient - not to mention the extreme cases of congestion in cities like London and New York. Mobility services would also significantly decrease the emissions in cities and, overall, increase the quality of life for inhabitants.